POWER RANGERS vs DINOSAURS GAME | Power Rangers Movie + Dinosaur Surprise Toys Slime Wheel Games

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POWER RANGERS vs DINOSAURS GAME | Power Rangers Movie + Dinosaur Surprise Toys Slime Wheel Games. Guess which Power Ranger or dinosaur has slime in its punchbox and then vote for who has the best toys, the Dinosaurs or the Power Rangers. Included in this video: Imaginext Power Rangers Command Center, Imaginext RC Dragonzord, Bloco Dinosaur set, Jurassic World Dinosaur toys, Huge Red Ranger and Big Blue Ranger toys, Black Ranger Plush and some other really cool dinosaur and Power Rangers toy from the new movie and legacy.

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Thanks for watching pals. Power Rangers or Dinosaurs? You decide which rules Toy Pals TV.
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